PCRA Trainer Conversion




Waynflete Trainer





Save The Portion of HBS That Lies Inside The Red Rectangle.


Mid-Hull Fracture



Extraneous Forward Hull Fragment



Repair Hull Breaches




Make the trainer safe to handle with bare hands, resistent to weather, and rugged enough to handle its new function.





Test: Creating Composite Parts With Vacuum Bagging (4 minute time-lapse video)




Test Parts Built in Previous Step




Creating The Forward Reinforcing Bulkhead





Fitting Forward Bulkhead for Bonding (5 minute time-lapse video)





Begin Prep for Breach Repairs




First Hull Breach Repairs










The Big Breach




Can I safely use the hull itself as a mold for the new inner skin?

I can safely use the real hull as a mold for the inner skin of the new patch!





Creating The Replacement Inner Skin

Next: Bond the replacement part to the inside of the hull behind the opening, then build the rest of the patch one layer at a time from the inner skin outward.





Fitting And Bonding The Replacement Inner Skin

Next: Start building out the remainder of the patch as soon as the bond is sufficiently cured -- 24 hours or less.




Fitting The Replacement Honeycomb Core




Patch Complete





Final Cure

Next: Begin fairing (smoothing) to match the rest of the hull.





Fairing The Hull





Fairing The Hull

  1. Sand the fairing compound on each patch area.
  2. Apply new fairing compound as needed on each patch area.
  3. Allow to cure.

Repeat steps as necessary until the surface is fair enough to paint.






Earlier in this project, we partially cleaned up the hull where it broke. Now we want to strengthen this area, which formerly was the center of the boat (between seats 4 and 5), by adding a second bulkhead. Before we can do that, we need to fashion a honeycomb core patch for the hull, similar to the way we patched the big hull breach.

Prep The Hull For Patching (2 minute time-lapse video)




Build The Bulkhead Blank






Begin Hull Patch.









Lay Up The Patch Over The Foundation. (5 minute time-lapse video)





Trim Hull Patch; Initial Fairing (3 minute time-lapse video)





Build Error Creates A Complication

As shown below, I have a pretty serious fault in the cured hull patch. The underskin delaminated from the rest of the patch during the cure. I suspect I could have avoided this by allowing the underskin to cure for a couple of hours before laying on the honeycomb and topskin. That's now water under the bridge, and lesson learned.




Next Steps: Repair

The elegant solution would be to cut out the bad parts and rebuild. However, given that time is short, the final product will stay on land, and thus the final hull shape is not critical, I think I will go a quick and dirty route. I'm just going to fill that void with thickened epoxy and move on.




Forward Bulkhead




After Bulkhead






Concurrent Curing






All areas that need barrier coat have at least 4 layers of it. Tomorrow morning the boat gets primer. Sunday morning it gets topcoat.

Current Hull Condition, Port Side, Bow To Stern




Current Hull Condition, Stern (Bow is similar)




Current Hull Condition, Starboard Side






Repairs Made, Improvements Effected

But nothing shouts progress quite like a paint job (even if it's just primer).






Delivery Day

Loaded for delivery to PCRA at Cutler St.









Design Prototypes












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